Perfect for high demand

With the ability to cater for as much filtered, ambient and sparkling water as required for your organisation.


Great-tasting water, instantly, without any environmentally-damaging single use plastic bottles in sight.

Pure tasting

Thanks to Zip MicroPurity high capacity filtration, which filters out contaminants and ensures the water is as clean-tasting as possible.

A huge range of options

Counter-top or under-counter chillers, with the capability to provide up to 280 litres of ambient, chilled or sparkling water an hour.

Wellness in the workplace

Drinking water regularly throughout the day helps you stay alert, improves concentration and means you’re less likely to get stressed.

Find your perfect match

You have the option of the HC10 Counter-tops with push button dispensers for up to 45 litres per hour.

The HC20 models with push-button or tap control with up to 150 litre capacity, or the HC50 under-counter units which are the ideal solutions for installations that require the unit to be tucked away out of sight, and have the largest capacity with up to 280 litres per hour.

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Drink responsibly.

The horrifying damage that plastic does to the environment has been well-publicised, with particular emphasis on the over-reliance on single-use plastic bottles.

As the person responsible for providing drinking water solutions for the workplace or other commercial environments, you can have a direct impact on reducing that business’ plastic waste. By saying no to one-use plastic bottles and choosing a filtered drinking water system with refillable bottles instead, you are doing your bit for the environment and the health of the user.

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Filtered chilled, ambient
and sparkling water

With the ability to cater for as much filtered chilled, ambient and sparkling water as required, HydroChill offers a wide range of drinking water options, no matter the size of your organisation.

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Zip MicroPurity and
UV Out filtration systems

Zip MicroPurity high capacity filtration is included as standard on all HydroChill models.

UV Out filtration is available on selected models and acts as a strong steriliser, preventing the growth of bacteria at the dispensing point where bottles come into contact with the tap.

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Renting a HydroChill

By renting a HydroChill product you receive a number of additional benefits to make the entire process easier.

Affordable Fixed monthly cost with no hidden fees

Installation included No need to worry about getting your tap up and running

Flexible rental package Choose a rental package between one to five years, with the option to buy your HydroTap at the end of the contract

Hassle-free service Over 80 full time engineers across the UK, making Zip’s first time fix rates some of the best in the country

Full warranty and service along with regular filter changes when you're signed up to our HydroCare plan

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Zip Water:
A trusted brand

With 70 years of experience and innovation behind us, Zip Water is a trusted brand when it comes to drinking water solutions.

Known globally for being home to the world’s most advanced drinking water systems, our expertise in filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps is second to none. We offer the widest choice of water options coupled with cutting-edge design, the latest technology and unrivalled customer support. Whatever your requirement, we can help.

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